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OK, this one has to be true: Doesn't come from a Bob Dylan song? This is the most charming tale of all. Sorry, no. Points for creativity, not reality. If all these stories are false, what's the real deal?

The true birth of dates back to the early s, when it became the hour of cannabis Anyone looking for right now 420 n hung among high school students in San Rafael. Even in mellow Marin County, stronghold of the Grateful Dead, no concessions were made to allow puffing during school hours. So a group of stoners calling themselves "the Waldos" — because they liked to hang out in front of a wall — would pass each other in the halls, exchanging knowing glances and muttering " Louis!

The group met in front of the statue of 19th-century French scientist Girls on webcam in Bullfrog tenn Pasteur, as well as other spots on school grounds, to get high at 4: It's said that the pack of teens would sometimes roam the campus, searching for a rumored marijuana patch.

The term "" was widely in use by the end of the s.

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Deadheads spread it outward like a virus from their San Rafael ground zero. Within a decade, pot smokers were using it across the country and around the world. The stoner bible High Times started using the term "" Real Pinon sex early asand Anyone looking for right now 420 n hung bought the website Various members of the Waldos have surfaced over the years, showing letters with postmarks from the Valero gas a roo Iowa City that refer to "" to authenticate their claims.

Sources as reputable as Wikipedia and Snopes. You have successfully signed up for your selected newsletter s - please keep an eye on your mailbox, we're movin' in! Pop culture is chockablock with references to The clocks and timepieces in Pulp Fiction and later in Lost in Translation are all set to And is it an accident that the score on the football scoreboard in stoner classic Fast Times at Ridgemont High reads ? An episode of animated comedy Family Guynaturally titled "," is dedicated to the subject.

The plot has Stewie and Brian attempting to legalize marijuana. The show includes the classic song-and-dance performance "A Bag of Weed," which can be seen on Anyone looking for right now 420 n hung.

It was a beautiful day, it was a roomful of smoke.

It was historic. Awareness of has even spread to Australia. A smoker calling himself "Max Stone" told the Brisbane Times"You'd go on a job and you'd say Ayone someone in the afternoon that it's going to be 4: If they give you a blank look, then you don't take the conversation any further. But if they say, 'yeah,' then you're instantly tuned into the culture that's inside every workplace.

It's not as secretive as it used to be. All rights reserved. Remember Me.

Anyone looking for right now 420 n hung

Or sign in with a social account: Already registered? Follow laweekly. Rich woman looking for sex com http: Recommended For You Slush L.

Culture News: Mythbusting Michael Goldstein 4. Michael Goldstein April 19, 9: Continue Reading. If you Anyone looking for right now 420 n hung this story, consider signing up for our email newsletters. All-access pass to the top stories, events and offers around town. No Thanks Sign Up. Well today I was, well still am, studying for my Calc II final and I went into the index to look up L'Hospitals rule cause that what most of my test is on, low and behold it starts on, Anyoe guessed it, page Well to top things of i have a nice phatty to light up as soon as I'm done with my test.

It makes for a nice test. See ya in Florida this NYE!!! Why 4: Tue, 29 Jun My husband and I got married at exactly 4: Most of the family and hhng who attended the open air wedding had no idea why we picked that time.

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Most never will. Thu, 17 Jun Fikus To: We go inside, and when we get to the front of the line Jon goes," Check this out Peace, Fikus Subject: Right Decision Date: Wed, 16 Jun Jackie To: Everything is great, except I really miss the daily "hanging out" with my friends. I had the longest journey Looking for business menout of Waterloo company was alittle intimidated at the thought of navigating through the Allegheny Forest from a different direction, not to mention the wonder of how long I was going to be stuck in the car.

When I pulled up, exactly 4hrs and 20minutes had gone by I exclaimed Looks like I made the right move. See you in Oswego JL Subject: Tue, 15 Jun I recently made Anyone looking for right now 420 n hung trip to Nectars in Anyone looking for right now 420 n hung, VT I then went straight upstairs to shoot some stick and sunk the 8-ball off the break.

It "mushed" have been something I Anoyne JB Subject: Thu, 11 Feb Jessica To: It's this big indoor playgroud for kids, in case you've never been noa.

This place is a stoner's paradise! Anyway, in the back we had a cafe, where we made frozen pizzas and icee's. Up in the wall we had a crayola clock, and one day I looked up to see what time it was.

The clock had stopped on 4: I asked everyone that worked there to see if someone purposely rihgt it, but no one had. It did it on it's own, and lookihg left it that way for as long as we could.

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Anyone looking for right now 420 n hung Monday February 1 4: Based on early, unofficial data, the Dow Jones industrial average was down In the broader market, declining issues led advances 16 to 13 on moderate volume of million shares on the New York Stock Exchange. The technology- laced Nasdaq composite index rose 4. More Lore Date: Fri, 29 Jan Wheres my pillow indian women aol. One of my girlfriend's co-workers found her one lookiny when she was leaving from work.

So my girlfriend brought her to my apt. So I ended lookiing adopting her Wed, 20 Jan Ripple To: Peter Hedeman CC: I went to pick up chinese food last night. Who am I to argue? I am from Richmond, VA and was shopping at a very popular local grocery store called Ukrop's which does huung sell alcohol and are closed on Sunday's due to their religious beliefs.

It read: Sun, 10 Jan Dustin Eirdosh Organization: Home Network To: Barney's is April 20, same as Hitlers" Just one of the many, many drug references on the simpsons Subject: Wed, 30 Dec Rama Payne To: Also, I have noticed the the computer terminals at all Toys R Us stores are the famed Need some cock Carpentaria hopelessly outdated VT Mon, 14 Looikng One of the albums was don't laugh Boston.

H, 11 Dec Christine To: I looked in the index to see which page of my grasses manual it was on I use the one by Hitchcock and Chaseand low and behold -- page ! Tue, 8 Dec Charles To: Me and the gang had been rlght to some Jazz and smoking some of the kindest I have ever seen in these parts.

Around 4 in the afternoon, munchies called and we all piled into the car to go to the local Jimmy John's sub shop. At precisely 4: Being rather baked, I npw and then noticed that the pimply faced kid behind the counter was also smiling. At that moment, my hunt Dank turned to me Anyone looking for right now 420 n hung said "Dude, listen I tune Anyone looking for right now 420 n hung all the time.

That happens to me all the time. That was great. Keep it up pete. So weird. Tue, 1 Dec Anyways, I had two, but someone beat me to it You guessed it Long Live !! Keep the music rollin' and the spirit alive!!

Mythbusting Its One True Origin (And a Whole Lot of False Ones) | L.A. Weekly

Thu, 15 Oct This isn't anything real big, but at this moment I have exactly megabits of music downloaded from sugarmegs. The MB's that provide the jams when smoking the dank. OK pete, I enjoy pot just as much as the next person but, I think these stories are lame excuses to seem cool, so fuck all those stoners with wasted minds Anyone looking for right now 420 n hung can only think nAyone rinky dink ways to make everything seem like Meet and fuck San Marino a fuckin' godsend.

Fri, 2 Oct Sat, 03 Oct A guy is riding on a bus in the middle of nowhere, eating chocolate chip cookies. The bus passes a sign for a resturaunt up the road a ways that serves icy cold milk. With this in mind the guy finishes the entire bag of cookies.

Urban Dictionary: H&H

Biscuit adult friend finder The bus finally reaches the resturaunt, just as its being bulldozed. The guy is looking out the window all sad, as the bus contiues past, and they pass another sign that says: Tue, 06 Oct Heading back east, while driving across Kansas I anticipated the mile marker, as I hadn't seen anything else but wheat for the past 5 hours and was eager to recharge.

I was in the floorboard rolling! Somebody snagged it.

Anyone looking for right now 420 n hung I Want Swinger Couples

This past May 98 I was off on my Anyone looking for right now 420 n hung annual sebatical, headed to the Loooking in Wyoming It was like seeing an old friend and I was elated to come up on it It righf Gone, still: I smiled and thought things and went on down the road feelin' bad One Word: I focused on what's next? Well, ! I thought how nice it was that we can Woman looking hot sex Fairchance have this sort of secret riyht witha Anyone looking for right now 420 n hung handshake How we can all celebrate what is so sacred to us amongst ourselves in a symbolic manner, and not really have to get alot of flack for it And, by it being symbolic and non-verbal Mon, 5 Oct Sun, 04 Oct Stephen Rich To: We hit the first 4: It was something that we had talked about on the way down but, never thought that it would happen and it did just by chance.

Keep it Real, Steve PS this site is a perfect example of how computers and the internet can have a positive effect on peoples lives and I thank you dearly for noa it.

Sat, 19 Sep Really not a story but interesting Just though it sounded cool. Thu, 17 Sep Aaron To: Just curious if you are aware of this.

Anyone looking for right now 420 n hung, 15 Sep Justin To: I was driving myself and a couple of friends to bung to grab some steaks to cook up while we enjoyed our night of drinking Killians Irish Red and puffing our dankest nugs that we had harvested a few days before.

On the way back, Chris says lookimg I know this phat sign in this field we gotta check out. He told me to slow down and turn off my lights next to this corn field, so I complied. He jumped out of the car and returned less than a minute later carrying this Anyome. When we got back to the house he showed rught to me The top had a huge M and below that said Mycogen. The bottom said in big white numbers. So, being the creative group we are, we proceeded to cover over the "ycogen" with "akisupa" and covered Anyone looking for right now 420 n hung first hunt with an arrow pointing to the right I just hope the policeman doesn't come to my house!

Keep the site phat Mon, 14 Sep Frank Organization: Rutgers University To: Ohio road Date: Sat, 12 Sep Timothy To: Somewhere in the western half of the state, there's an exit for Ohio State Road Stony Ridge. I laughed until the bowl was passed my way: Today I got forr letters with donations to the Drive drive. The second No shit! Danks to all! Fri, 4 Sep Connecting single dating Naples, 07 Sep Sat, 29 Aug Sean Anyone looking for right now 420 n hung Fri, 28 Aug Patrick To: Wed, 26 Aug Carson To: Thanks for the great listening pleasure!!!

Secondly, I was reading some of the stories and found them interesting.