Meet Jim Crary

Jim Crary and wife Dianna


My name is Jim Crary, and I’m running to represent Oregon’s District #02 in Congress. I am, by most accounts, a pretty average guy. I was born in Fargo, North Dakota as the sixth of nine children. At twelve years old, I began to hunt, a hobby I continue to this day. I attended Creighton University in Omaha for two years before enlisting in the Army, where I was trained as a military policeman and a correctional specialist. I returned to college at Pacific Lutheran University, where I played two years of football under Frosty Westering. I took a year off after college and worked at Rochester Better Chance in Rochester, Minnesota as a live-in tutor.

In 1977, I married and started law school at the University of San Diego. While in law school, I did a six month internship in Anchorage, Alaska with the Municipality of Anchorage’s Legal Department. After law school I worked in Grand Forks, North Dakota for a small law firm for a year and taught contracts and a CPA review course at the University of North Dakota School of Business and Accounting. In July, 1982, I returned to Anchorage where I worked for the Municipality of Anchorage’s Law Department for 14 years. During my tenure with the Municipality I was a prosecutor, worked on insurance defense, and handled procurement and contract matters. In January of 1997, I joined British Petroleum’s Procurement Department, where I saw first hand the effects of climate change and the need to move beyond fossil fuels. I worked for BP until December of 2013 when I retired.In 2001, my wife and I purchased property in the Greenspings in Oregon in the Siskiyou Mountains. In June of 2006 we relocated the family from Anchorage to the new property and built the home where we now live.

I have four children: a son, David, and three daughters, Alex, Emily and Grace. David lives in New Mexico. Alex and Emily are teachers in the Ashland area. Grace is a freshman at the University of Oregon. My family is deeply invested in Oregon’s way of life.

I have spent my life living in rural communities. My life has also been one of service, from my time in the military to working in Rochester to help underprivileged students to protecting the public from criminals and from being cheated out of insurance claims. I have also learned a lot from these experiences, like the fact that we have to change our economy to one that works for all people, and that means transitioning to renewable energy sources through deep investment. Part of my work throughout my career has been to look out and make sure that everyone is getting a fair deal. But when I looked at my own community here in Oregon, I saw that we were being represented by someone who only benefited his rich donors. Government needs to be a system of service, not self-promotion. It needs to be for the people. That’s why I’m running for Congress.