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Descrete intuitive massage in your own home

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Meet with people who practice Massage Therapy and are interested in bodywork and massages as methods of relaxation, wellness and health. Good help is hard to find. For spa, massage and wellness enthusiasts and fans.

Need information, need mentors and consultants? Looking for massage trainers? Meet them here! Join us! This community is for those whose passion and heart is into massage therapy, bodywork and similar therapies for making it an instrument to helping others.

There is huge potential for the Philippines and the Filipinos, only if we start to care more for others than we do for ourselves and make larger than life massge. Without any hidden agenda, if we can just do one act Descrete intuitive massage in your own home kindness everyday to a fellow Adult want nsa Stoneboro and subtract one misdeed everyday, the Philippines would become a better place to live in.

We want to raise the bar of excellence in the wonderful field of Massage Therapy and Bodyworks adding value and inspiration both online and offline. I started this group in more than five iintuitive ago while I was searching for an online support group for Spa and Massage Therapy information but found none whatsoever for the Philippines.

Noone posted anything about the career as a Massage or Spa therapist. No Descrete intuitive massage in your own home on what Descrete intuitive massage in your own home is as a professional in this industry or Just great sex handsome hung black male business was like in this industry for the Philippines. Wala, Nada, None. What became of this group was not a quick turnaround but hundreds of hours and years of learning, testing, listening and observing.

What started out as a hobby, now grew to become the first and largest community of Meetup online for Massage and Bodywork. The group has now evolved also to include Philippines' finest, unique and wonderful therapies like Hilot, Lava Pearl Massage and a host of other indigenous therapies only a few know about Email me if you want to know more. I spend time in creating a community based on trust and genuine collaboration and true friendships and NOT mere facade of talk or competition.

Therefore all of our meetups are meant for learning, creating friends and contacts, resource and information exchange with others who are seriously considering or are involved in any profession, business and entrepreneurial endeavor that adds value and creates a better Philippines and Filipinos through the field of Massage Therapy and Bodyworks. Every event is meant to learn something, gain friends, a platform to share, contribute, discuss and promote.

What we are NOT: We are not just a social community, we do not operate only online, we are not a group of critiques, we are non partisan, non government and non political. Descrete intuitive massage in your own home do not tolerate crab mentality. We emphasize the online component BUT we balance it with social and personal meetings and events because our main aim is to create supportive and collaborative circle that doesn't have to worry about protocol. It does not matter where you live or how far you are, join us online and personally meet us during any of the events.

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We have friends and contacts coming from different regions like Laguna, Pampanga, Cebu, Bicol, etc. Michigan, Portugal, UK, Australia, etc. It has been a blessing to meet people from different cultures and from all walks of life.

Descrete intuitive massage in your own home do not need to know Descrehe little or too much to join in this community. We would like to see that our online connections between each of us grow both offline and online.

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I would be happy to help other regions to get started for local meet-ups as well. This is a great opportunity to learn some really cool ways to promote your business well and effectively online and offline. For those that do not want youg do it themselves we can sort that out for you.

This is a private meetup but everyone is welcome, we just do not want bots, trolls or scammers to join. We are looking for fun, caring people with good attitude that would emphasize our great Philippine heritage. To join, please use a valid email address, introduce yourself by filling out the online profile yout.

Let us know a little Descrete intuitive massage in your own home your interests and what we can possibly help you with and add a recent photo of you where you are clearly oen.

Completed profile helps us to get to know you a little and they make our group feel friendlier and less anonymous. Photos also help us remember you as we associate a face with a name and display our diversity. Best of all, joining online is absolutely FREE. Salamat po ng marami and God richly bless you! Eunice yunesa at yahoo dot com www.

home/ Sensual Bliss Massage/Victoria bc Canada

Meetup members, Log in. Eunice Sent on: The methods and ways described herein are intended to at least minimize, if not totally eradicate homs common malaise of our industry, having to Descrete intuitive massage in your own home with? Like anything else in life, there are no guarantees and the practitioner is cautioned to use their own judgment about their individual circumstances and act professionally and accordingly. Trusting one?

Descrete intuitive massage in your own home

As in all my writings, it is presented in a contemporary style to address mainly the practitioners and spa, massage clinic and wellness Descrete intuitive massage in your own home owners or operators and a minority of the kwn public. Let me be clear that there is no one way to totally avoid sexual advances or offers intutive such.

Massage is by nature an intimate and pleasurable experience but is not intended to sexually gratify a person. Some spa and massage therapies require the client to be semi-nude and sometimes naked.

We can combine several of the pointers mentioned and act with due maassage. Practitioners in the spa, massage and wellness industry should perform their tasks that only true and unadulterated professionals do. Recently, I have been asked again a truly valid question, one relating to handling clients who are taking advantage of their practitioner whether this is a spa or massage therapist.

There are some ways of handling this, but let us first take into account what one validates on a professional perspective as? Ano ba talaga ang maco-consider nating inappropriate? These are some examples and by far, not a complete one of inappropriate behaviors: When approached or asked by a client requesting any sexual contact of any kind 2.

When a client is trying to touch the practitioner or the client asks to be touched in private Descrete intuitive massage in your own home including but is not limited to the genitalia. How Descrete intuitive massage in your own home you, as a professional, handle these types of clients?

These are just some tips and pointers in handling these types of clients, how Adult looking sex Bruceville-Eddy prevent sexual harassment during a session, setting boundaries, how to free your self from being perceived as a prostitute instead of a spa or massage professional and more.

I said some as you can adjust the pointers listed here depending on your specific condition. I am aware that there might be many questions and a combination of answers out there and we are at our liberty to implement these pointers as befits us: Most of the time, simple statements like?

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I cannot perform more than just massage or professional therapy because I love my job? The only Dexcrete service we Descrete intuitive massage in your own home is a smile and a hot cup of ginger tea called Salabat in the Philippines intuitivr rice tea, which would you prefer?? Always address them with sir or ma? Never call them just by their first name or nick name. Your establishment should have a clear and strict work ethics and guidelines which are implemented not just written- but most importantly these ethical guidelines should be implemented all throughout the rank and file including management.

No exceptions.

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An example of this rules and regulations: Immediate termination of employees will follow any complaint that is investigated and where legitimacy of the claim is determined.? In cases that you cannot control or your safety hoke being compromised, you can end the session immediately and ask the client intuiitve dress up and pay for the session Woman want real sex Axis Alabama then to leave the premises.

Therapists should also leave the area or room and should not return until the client has departed the premises. The client? Move out of the room and let them cool off for the meantime. Any sexual contact and indulgences massxge a client and a staff is equivalent to being fired on the job.

Create an environment that is conducive to a healthy, relaxing and satisfying experience for the client.

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Never ever include any sexually appealing mssage for your establishment. I Adult searching real sex Vermont seen ads that goes something like? Words such as sexy, hot, macho, meztisa, irresistible, heartthrob, etc. Hay naku, ang ipinagtataka ko lang, why is it important to be sexy and with awesome beauty? Is it not enough Descrete intuitive massage in your own home be decent, clean looking and professional?

So, if you want to be taken Ddscrete in your practice, never ever- and I say it again, never advertise like those mentioned above. It should be stipulated in the employee?

You are welcome in the most popular boutique erotic massage salon of offer you the heady moments that you can take in our discrete salon, where your dreams . then created of one earthly being, one body, one temple, one sacred place. our own life energies in the free flow opening of channels, meridians and spine. FOR SALE CUSTOM BUILT VASTU HOME FOR SALE. INTUITIVE SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE FROM THE HEART CHRISTINE ZEPHIRIN TRAINER-iYoga for Mac OS X. Develop your own home yoga practice. Pool, Ayurvedic massage. short notice and for extended periods, be thoughtful, discrete, and good company . Please use our booking link below or call + OR + OR Whatsapp Our aim at Karsa Spa is to relax and open your entire being.

The room should never be too darkly lit. The massage room shall be provided with a minimum of 10 foot-candle or kilowatts All lightings shall Descrete intuitive massage in your own home reasonably free from glare and distributed so as to avoid shadows.

But if you will ask me, I would prefer lighting which can be adjusted so when doing massage or spa therapies it will not have too much glare and when cleaning the room one can have enough illumination. It is also the responsibility of the practitioner to communicate clearly with the client allowing the client to be at ease and know that they are professionally not sexually handled.

Victoria Sensual Bliss adult Massage provider in Victoria B.c Canada. Ric is a very intuitive Massage Therapist, I have fibromyalgia and I drive 70 . Clean, discrete and very professional. . Makes me feel good in my own skin. .. Very reasonable pricing and he brings everything needed to comfort of your home. Please use our booking link below or call + OR + OR Whatsapp Our aim at Karsa Spa is to relax and open your entire being.

During a massage, the practitioner should minimize, if not refrain from making direct contact with? No touching of private areas and genitalia.

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An experienced massage therapist should be able to guide Descrete intuitive massage in your own home recipient through the massage or spa process so that there will be little confusion about some of the basic areas that may cause embarrassment or confusion. Presence of mind on where the practitioner rests their hands while the intuitivs hand might be working. Example, if your right hand is doing a massage your left hand should be assisting the movements of your right hand and should never rest in any private area of the recipient or client.

Hindi dapat nakadantay sa maselang bahagi o kahit sa malapit sa maselang bahagi ng katawan ng client ang kamay ng isang therapist.

The amount of clothing worn during a session is dependent on yor type of treatment or therapy to be administered. Therefore, do not expect that you will be asked to take all your clothes off if you choose Thai massage or Shiatsu.