Campaign Finance Reform

Campaign Finance Reform

(a/k/a: Get “Big Money” out of politics)

$ = Access; Access = Influence; and Influence = Power
Those are three simple equations that wealthy donors and special interests know all too well. Those people are not stupid nor make millions of dollars in campaign contributions because they are altruistic. Just like buying stocks, bonds or real estate, campaign contributions are an investment to them. The difference is that with campaign contributions their return on investment is generally, much higher. The website: very nicely states my feelings.

Congress has the power to write laws, decide tax rates and what is or is not taxed. If you can get access to a Congressman/woman your chances of influencing him/her increases.

So, who should have access to and influence over your elected representative? You and the other people living in Congressional District 2 or outside corporations, wealthy individuals, and other special interests?

I have already written a proposed constitutional amendment that would take the power from the special interests and return it to the hands of the people being represented, where it should be. See the full details here. Proposed constitutional amendment